About Abrasives Inc.

Abrasives Inc. is proud to be a North Dakota based corporation originating in 1990 as a silica and coal slag producer. Production first began at the Elgin, ND plant and then expanded due to increasing demand for our fine quality products.

About Abrasives Inc.

You’ll find Abrasives Inc. home office on the rolling plains of southwestern North Dakota. The view looking out from the plant puts on a scenic display of rolling hills, buttes, and a small creek nearby which is the path for frequent visiting deer and wild turkeys. If you’re an office worker or a plant worker, it is a delight to be located in such a striking area.

Company Story

In the rolling hills of North Dakota, success is determined by how you use natural resources that surround you. In 1990, Abrasives Incorporated began as a sand company mining material from a nearby pit. The cleaned and graded material was delivered to industrial distributors throughout the Midwest. Dakota GoldTM, as it was aptly named, also provided golf courses a durable top dressing material resistant to weathering and freezing.

A decade passed and in 2001 another natural opportunity came courtesy of local resources. Coal slag from neighboring lignite coal fired electrical generation plants provided a new product that was, and is, useful to the surface preparation and coatings industry. By hauling the by-product away from power plants, Abrasives Inc. recycle waste material and turns it into a highly effective and low dusting blasting material. By washing, screening and processing the slag, Abrasives Inc. is able to manufacture multiple grades of Black Magic®, also known as “The Tough Stuff” for its hardness and superior cleaning performance.

In 2014, an opportunity came along to better serve customers in the Upper Midwest when Abrasives Inc., purchased BCS Industrial in Fridley, MN. With a talented sales staff and two warehouses, Abrasives Inc. carries a wide variety of coatings, abrasives blasting parts and equipment, coated and bonded abrasives products, and an array of industrial products.

Located on rail and with easy access to interstate roadways, Abrasives Inc. utilizes multiple methods of delivery throughout the United States and Canada. Quick order turnaround and partnerships with over 100 trucking companies get Abrasives Inc.’s product where you need it, when you need it.

Almost three decades later, Abrasives Inc. has become an employee owned company and continues to focus on natural resources and supplying what their customers want.

Abrasives Inc. now has two locations: Glen Ullin, ND and Fridley, MN, as well as distributors in 13 states and Canada.

Serving the upper Midwest for over a decade, Abrasives Inc. in northern Minneapolis is a leader in providing quality products for blasting, metal fabrication, machining, die casting, and woodworking. 

Discover the Magic.

Our coal slag is created from a hotter source which creates a harder material. As a result, users say it cleans faster, better and has less dust than other slag products. What else can Black Magic® be used for? Roofing granules, and bunker sand at golf courses to name a couple.

"Abrasives does business above board and they do what they say. If they tell me something, that is what happens."

-Troy Blair, NE

"Personally, it's all been about customer service. Call anytime seven days a week, 24 hours a day and they will be there to help out. Abrasives takes it very seriously and works hard for us. I wouldn't use anybody else."

-Dusti Pueblo, CO

"Their customer service is the best. These people bend over backwards to help me. I'm always extremely satisfied with the turnaround time."

-Mike Casper, WY

“All (Abrasives) salesmen are always pleasant to work with. (I’ve) never had a difficult time when placing orders. They are second to none.”

-Kory, Great Falls, MT

“Abrasives’ service has been very good. We get product in a timely manner and they keep the price as competitive as possible.”

- Dave, Lindon, UT

“Everyone (at Abrasives) is willing to help each other out because we are all trying to make the company the best it can be. H.E. Lubbock said, ‘No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.’ I like being part of the orchestra and at Abrasives Inc., we are an orchestra.”

-Scott, Abrasives Inc. employee

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